PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration

Thinning hair plagues many men and women, and most people are not aware of the latest options for the treatment of this condition. In the past, hair restoration specialists have recommended hair implants, medications, and lifestyle changes, but Tampa PRP Hair Restoration Clinic, Tampa Rejuvenation, is now offering innovative PRP Therapy to patients in Tampa and Hillsborough County, Florida.

PRP Therapy can be effective on its own, or it can be used in conjunction with other therapies. Many men and women appreciate that it does not require surgery or downtime — and because it’s created from your own blood, there are virtually no side effects.

Beyond using PRP for successful hair restoration, the experts at Tampa Rejuvenation also have successfully treated hair loss using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Stem Cell treatments. All of the options represent natural alternatives to invasive surgeries and prescriptions that have long lists of side effects.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a condition that affects both men and woman of all backgrounds. We tend to associate hair loss with aging. Naturally, this causes concerns about a person’s appearance – especially when the hair loss starts at a young age.

PRP is a substance natural to your body and makes up a large portion of the blood along with red blood cells, white cells, and platelets. Platelets contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors. Studies show that these growth factors, provided by PRP therapy, speed up the healing process in many medical conditions. As these growth factor proteins interact with your hair follicles, they begin restoring them to a healthier state. By using this form of therapy on patients, Tampa Rejuvenation is reversing hair loss and helping Tampa area patients restore their full head of hair.

The Platelet Rich Plasma is separated from the patient’s blood and then is injected into the patient’s scalp while focusing on areas where more hair growth is desired. Generally, patients report no discomfort during or after the procedure.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Hair Loss

Many of Tampa Rejuvenation’s patients achieve impressive results by combining PRP for hair restoration with hormone optimization. As your body ages, hormone levels decline. As a result, your metabolism slows down – which slows down hair growth. While your hair growth slows, the hair loss cycle does not slow down, resulting in thinning hair.

Tampa Rejuvenation employs a holistic approach to treating hair loss by handling the root cause and combining it with PRP treatments. By optimizing your hormones, we restore your body to a more youthful state, which can curb your hair loss. By combining hormone treatments with PRP for hair restoration, hair loss can stop and new growth can begin.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss

When Stem Cells Therapy is used for hair loss, the treatment allows the body to harness its own healing powers. Tampa Rejuvenation is ushering in the next generation of stem cell therapy with Exosome Therapy. Using stem cells as a form of treatment, the experts at Tampa Rejuvenation are reversing the natural aging process and achieving amazing results for their patients.

Stem cells are capable of rejuvenating hair follicles and triggering the growth of new hair follicle cells. As a result, patient are able to restore hairlines, grow thicker hair, and achieve a younger appearance. Men and women can benefit from Stem Cell Therapy for hair loss, and there’s no recovery time required for it.

Tampa Rejuvenation Hair Restoration Before and After Photos

Getting Started with a Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

The experts at Tampa Rejuvenation understand that hair loss presents an uncomfortable and difficult situation. Until recently, there hasn’t been many effective treatment methods. Hair loss medications present side effects that most people don’t want to deal with. Also, options like hair plugs are expensive and do not offer a natural look. Tampa PRP Hair Restoration Clinic, Tampa Rejuvenation provides non-invasive options that are much more affordable and effective.

A Tampa Rejuvenation specialist will design a treatment plan that may include Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy alone, or combined with other treatment, to help patients achieve their hair restoration goals. Countless Tampa Bay men and women now enjoy thicker, more evenly distributed hair after utilizing a customized treatment plan created just for them.

To learn more about how PRP Therapy can help you restore hair growth, call Tampa PRP Hair Restoration Clinic, Tampa Rejuvenation to schedule a FREE consultation today.