Johanna deVryer, M.D. – Tampa PRP Doctor

Tampa PRP Doctor, Johanna deVryer, M.D., is part of a team of experts at Tampa Rejuvenation, who choose to utilize cutting-edge, natural treatments that have been shown to be safe and effective without the side effects, expense, and downtime that many traditional procedures and medications cause.

The Tampa Rejuvenation team is comprised of health care professionals with a vast array of degrees, accreditations, and experiences. The clinic has the ultimate combination of programs to enhance and enrich the quality of life for our patients. Every patient is treated as an individual with unique needs and concerns, and the customized programs are created to address their objectives. Through the implementation of hormone replacement therapy, aesthetics, nutrition, and weight loss, the desired results and optimal health and wellness of each patient in the Tampa, Tampa Bay, and surrounding Hillsborough County can be achieved.

Dr. deVryer and her fellow medical professionals at Tampa Rejuvenation are using Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, to treat a variety of aesthetic concerns in their patients. Platelet Rich Plasma is a substance that can promote healing when injected, and because it is derived from a person’s own body, the process and results are safe and natural.

How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Work?

PRP is a virtually painless and non-invasive procedure that uses factors from the patients’ blood and fat tissues. A small amount of blood is taken from the patient and spun down to obtain platelets and growth factors. After obtaining the needed components, the PRP mixture is injected into the area being treated to regenerate and heal tissues. The growth factors and platelets from the blood stimulate collagen production, while stem cells take on the form and function of the cells residing in the area that they are placed in, leading to regeneration.

In most cases, patients see results the same day that they have the treatment, but over the course of the next few weeks after treatment the PRP continues to progressively work to repair, rebuild, and restore the patient’s tissues. For this reason, full results are usually often seen a few weeks after having the procedure and the results can improve and last for years. Many patients have been able to improve pain, injuries, sexual and aesthetic issues with Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

PRP Services at Tampa Rejuvenation

PRP Aesthetic Injections
The Platelet Rich Plasma penetrates into the dermis, activating new collagen production by stimulating dormant collagen cells and fibroblasts. This process rejuvenates the appearance of skin, allowing for a thicker and stronger mesh. PRP Facial Injections can slow down or reverse the aging of the skin, particularly the skin under the eyes, around the mouth, and under the neck.
PRP to Treat Hair Loss
When injected, PRP Therapy interacts with hair follicles and restores them to a healthier state. By using this form of therapy on patients, Tampa Rejuvenation is reversing hair loss and helping Tampa area patients restore their full head of hair. Beyond using PRP for successful hair restoration, the experts at Tampa Rejuvenation also have successfully treated hair loss using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Stem Cell treatments. All of the options represent natural alternatives to invasive surgeries and prescriptions that have long lists of side effects.
PRP for Male Sexual Health
Tampa P-Shot Doctor, Johanna deVryer, M.D. is a certified provider of the Priapus Shot®, also known as the P-Shot®. When the platelet rich plasma is injected into the penis and pelvic area, platelets and growth factors go to work restoring tissue and increasing sensitivity. In addition to solving many underlying medical conditions, Platelet Rich Plasma injections can noticeably increase the size and girth of the penis by increasing blood flow.
PRP for Female Sexual Rejuvenation
The PRP Orgasm Shot® is a technique used to repair and regenerate tissues. The Orgasm Shot® rejuvenates the vagina by using vital components natural to a person’s blood. Results have included improved intensity and frequency of orgasms, heightened sensitivity, vaginal tightening, improved look and feel of tissues, improves incontinence, increases arousal and overall sexual satisfaction for women of all ages.

Dr. deVryer is an expert at using PRP to treat a variety of concerns. Focusing on the patient and their health and aesthetic goals, she will create a personalized plan and communicate throughout the process, answering all questions and addressing any concerns.

To learn more about how Platelet Rich Plasma can benefit you, call Tampa PRP Doctor, Johanna deVryer, M.D. at Tampa Rejuvenation to schedule a FREE consultation.